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Female shaking hands with male hospital staff member.
Female shaking hands with male hospital staff member.

CMH Employment Center

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Colonies Family Medical Clinic
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Williamsburg Family Medical Clinic
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Compass Memorial Healthcare Is An Equal Opportunity Employer

In order to provide equal employment and advancement opportunities to all individuals, employment decisions at Compass Memorial Healthcare will be based on merit, qualifications, and abilities. Compass Memorial Healthcare does not discriminate in employment opportunities or practices on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other classification in accordance with federal, state and local statutes, regulations and ordinances.

Official Application

Please review our current job postings below. If you are interested in applying for a position, please fill out our official online job application located at the bottom of each job posting. If you do not see a position for which you are interested, but would like to have an application on file for future openings, you may click on General Application.

Standards of Behavior

The mission of Compass Memorial Healthcare is to provide remarkable healthcare that makes a difference in the well-being of the communities we serve. We choose only the best employees who exemplify an excellent standard of behavior. We incorporate these standards as a measure of only the best overall work performance at Compass Memorial Healthcare. We understand, as CMH employees that we are expected to practice the following standards of behavior and uphold our core values.

Service: Attitude and Customer Service

Act in a professional manner at all times.
Make eye contact and acknowledge each person we meet within 10 feet; greet each person we meet within 5 feet.
Keep a sincerely good attitude by smiling, being friendly, courteous, and using good manners.
Do not engage in or listen to negativity or gossip.
Introduce yourself and your role in the patient's care.
Keep patients and family informed of any out-of-the ordinary delays of service and thank them for waiting.
All clinical staff are responsible to answer call lights within 3 minutes, determine the patient's need, and either fulfill the need or    report it to the patient's nurse.
Always ask, "Is there anything else I can do for you? I have time." before leaving every patient.
When a patient, family member, or visitor voices concern or if we fail to meet their expectations, we will immediately acknowledge    it, apologize for the experience, and personally be sure we make amends when possible. (Service Recovery).

All staff are responsible to answer any ringing phone in a patient service area.
All phones should be answered with a smile and by identifying the hospital, your name and "how may I help you".
Minimize hold time on the telephone and thank the caller for holding.
End all calls politely and offer additional assistance if needed.
Recognize and respect differing cultures, viewpoints, and beliefs.
Park in designated areas so patients have closest parking to the facility.
Offer assistance to escort a patient, visitor, or family member when they appear to need directions.

Quality: Continuous Improvements, attendance and participation, and accuracy

All staff will seek out and attend opportunities to improve our personal and professional skills in order to improve our competencies    and to create and develop leaders throughout our organization. We will provide support to our fellow team members so they can    participate, learn and grow.
Leadership will measure what is important, and all staff will continuously work as a team to improve performance and outcomes.
Report all safety hazards, accidents/incidents immediately according to policy.
Keep work area, facility and grounds clean and free of clutter and trash. Return equipment to proper place.
Staff will be accountable for completing mandatory trainings (carelearning, etc.), health screening requirements, and departmental    in services and meetings.
Leadership and staff will work to create efficient and effective processes so that our time is not spent repeatedly fixing problems.
Staff will follow policies and applicable regulations.

People: Teamwork, respect, communication, and appearance


I will go out of my way to make new team members feel welcome and to support my team members during tough times by offering    assistance whenever possible.
Be courteous, honest and thoughtful in my interactions with colleagues.
Assume the best and speak positively about others whenever possible.
Show respect for co-workers by openly and assertively discussing concerning issues as they arise in a discreet manner.
Serve as a resource to all staff members when needed.
Staff will accept responsibility for their own actions and will not place blame on others.
I will not say, "It's not my job" or "we are short-staffed." If I am unable to assist that patient or customer I will find someone who    can.
I will ask if I can help someone who needs it without being asked; and if I need help, I will not be afraid to ask for it.
I will follow my planned work schedule and be diligent about minimizing absenteeism.


Knock before entering a patient room or a co-worker's office.
Display compassion and empathy for every patient and team member, regardless of their social, economic or educational status.
We will never criticize or use negative body language toward patients or team members.
Respect guests' values, privacy, environment and confidentiality
Refrain from personal conversations among employees or on the telephone/cell phone within ear shot of patients and visitors
Personal phone calls do not interfere with work.
Follow policy on use of company phones, internet and email system.
Keeps personal issues separate from professional responsibilities.
Respect the property of others.


Listen and respond to both verbal and non-verbal messages.
Invite and answer questions from patients and family members.
Address problems that can't be resolved on an individual basis by going to the appropriate leader, and hold the leader accountable    by requesting follow up.
Communicate by using appropriate terms to fit age, gender, and culture of guest.
Provide timely feedback and responses to inquiries.
Take responsibility to stay informed by reading emails, reading the newsletter, reading departmental and organizational    communication boards and attending departmental meetings and employee forums.
Come to rounding prepared and takes the opportunity to recognize others.
Tough questions and other feedback will be professional, respectfully asked and will not be hostile towards others.


Adhere to the dress code policy.
Dress in a professional manner, wearing clothing that is neat, clean, and fits appropriately.
Practice good professional hygiene.
Wear identification badge at all times.

Finance: Ownership and accountability

All staff will take responsibility and initiative to get the job done efficiently.
Staff will take pride in this organization as if they own it.
Bring forward cost-saving ideas whenever recognized
Use supplies efficiently; don't waste.
Constantly assesses appropriate staffing levels and utilizes "on-call" staff and flex staffing as appropriate.
Overtime will be utilized as an undesirable last option and will be authorized.
Take accountability for appropriate documentation of hours worked.
Work will be completed in a timely and accurate fashion.

Growth: Change

Assist in making changes when problems or opportunities are identified or something is unclear.
Be open and prepared for change and react positively.
Willingly accept additional responsibilities whenever possible.

Community: Participation

Take opportunities to participate in the Hospital's efforts to be present in the communities we serve.
Represent CMH positively in the community. Behaviors including criticizing, condemning and complaining about CMH or the    communities in our service area in public are not acceptable. We will praise each other, commend the hospital and focus on the    positive aspects of the hospital when in public.
Shares talents and knowledge with others and groups outside of Compass Memorial Healthcare.

If we make a mistake, we will admit it, learn from it so we don't repeat it, and move on. We will remind each other of our Standards and accept corrections in a positive manner.

Legal Information

Compass Memorial Healthcare will maintain your application for up to One (1) year. Upon submitting your application we will take every effort to review it for proper consideration. If your qualifications meet the current needs of Compass Memorial Healthcare, our Human Resources Department will contact you.


If an open position is not currently available, we will maintain your application for up to One (1) year. If a position becomes available please contact Human Resources to have your application pulled for consideration. If your application meets the minimum requirements for that vacancy, your application will be forwarded for consideration. Human Resources will notify you if you are selected for an interview.

Colonies Family Medical Clinic
Family Medical Clinics
Marengo Family Medical Clinic
North English Family Medical Clinic
Patient Access
Surgical Services
Williamsburg Family Medical Clinic
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